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All of these services are run by us. They are used by hundreds of thousands of students each year.

We hope you too will find them all:
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    All the best for 2015!
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  • Everything students
    Cheap textbooks
    Private uni tutors
    Buy & sell subject notes
    Rate uni subjects
    Campus map app
    High school tutors
    Student survey
    Club sign up form
    Student marketing
    Student media directory

    Share accommodation
    Student Tours
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    StudentVIP Textbooks
    StudentVIP Tutors
    StudentVIP Notes
    StudentVIP Subjects
    Lost On Campus App
    National Student Survey
    Student Adventurer

    Search for cheap textbooks, subject
    reviews and private tutors on campuses

    If you study in Australia, join the
    46% of uni students who are
    current members of StudentVIP.
    StudentVIP Textbooks

    Australia's largest site for
    buying and selling textbooks. Get the
    cheapest prices.

    With no commission - the site is
    100% free. Save $, Make $.
    StudentVIP Tutors
    Find a private university tutor to
    coach you through tough university
    subjects like statistics. Become a
    tutor and have a rewarding and well
    paid joob with flexible hours!
    StudentVIP Notes

    Australia's largest site for
    buying and selling university subject
    and course notes.

    Upload and earn, download and learn!
    StudentVIP Subjects
    StudentVIP Subjects allows you to rate
    and review your university subjects.
    With over 90,000 subjects across every
    university in Australia - find yours!
    Lost On Campus App

    Get a great campus map! 57
    campuses, 47,000 locations, 62,000
    images. Australia's biggest app for

    100% free. For
    iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone.

    Australia's leading site for local
    private maths, english and science
    tutors for high school students.

    Uni students make the best tutors!
    National Student Survey

    9,000 students responded to the 2013
    National Student Survey.

    NSS2015 profiles student's banking,
    telecom, technology, social media
    behaviours and opinions. The results
    are available to organisations who
    want to improve their student offering
    The easy way for university clubs and
    societies to sign up members - at your
    oweek stall, from your Facebook page,
    your webpage year-round. Use laptops,
    tablets, smart phones.

    JoinForm is easy and 100%
    free. Try it now.

    Australia's leading marketing company
    for students. 250 staff on 30

    Want to work for leading companies, in
    a great team during oweek? Visit and apply.

    Australia's student media directory
    makes it easier for clients to
    advertise on campus.

    It includes student media advertising
    rates, specs, deadlines and contact
    details all in one place.

    Australia's biggest share
    accommodation site. Share houses in
    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold
    Coast and Perth.
    Student Adventurer
    Student Adventurer creates unique and
    amazing travel experiences for
    international students studying in
    Australia. Meet new people, see some
    new things.
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